We offer a complete Internet- based reservation-management- system with access to
all GDS Systems and to the Top 2500 websites. Through our 10-year experience and
our partnership with Synxis, the technological market leader of the branch, we are
able to offer you a world class reservation system and interfaces to all the important
distibution channels.

We put our emphasis on modern technology paired with well established industry
knowledge. The hotel industry’s needs and concerns have been known to us for
years and motivate us to new innovations every day.

Our core expertise lies in the technical connection to and the support of Hotels in the
worldwide distribution channels and in the internet. In this connection we are your
partner, while you profit by being able to focus on the essentials.



"We joined Rez:Online from the very beginning, and we are very satisfied! An excellent service and a user-friendly system to support us in our daily work."
Hotel Abacus Tierpark | Berlin
"We have reached an increase of 15 % in our GDS business. Personal customer service through country managers and a 24 hours support are also very unique."
Hotel Excelsior Magenta | Milano
"We switched to Rez:Online and did never regret this decision until today. The system is very user friendly and powerful at the same time. The price-performance ratio is very good!"
Gold INN Hotels | Berlin
"Rez:Online was our best choice on the GDS provider market. We have a good working sales channel and a personalized support 24 hours a day!
The costs are low in comparison to other providers!"
Hotel Ascot Opera | Paris